ISOMARK is a specialized SHEQ Management company; we ensure full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. ISOMARK will also assist the client in achieving compliance with the NOSA Integrated System and ISO 14001/18001 Systems. ISOMARK has developed a bullet proof Integrated Management system that satisfies both the local OHS Act requirements as well as the ISO requirements. ISOMARK has devised unique methods of assisting our clients to achieve these objectives:


ISOMARK is able to place one of our qualified Consultants on your site to manage your entire SHEQ Programme. This can be done on a short term contract or long term contract, depending on need. Some of the duties will include:

isomark bullet Implementation/Monitoring of the Integrated SHE system
isomark bullet Behavioral based safety
isomark bullet Internal /External audits (ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001)
isomark bullet Measurement and statistics
isomark bullet Management of all relevant standards and procedures
isomark bullet Total SHE risk assessments if none on site
isomark bullet Standard operating procedures.
isomark bullet SHE awareness programs.
isomark bullet Attendance at SHE committee meetings.
isomark bullet Assembling/management of your legal appointment file
isomark bullet Bi-annual internal audits.
isomark bullet Controlling all contractors on site as per standard. Making sure that they comply as to divert some of the responsibilities from Site management (inductions, Sec 37(2) agreements etc)
isomark bullet Drawing up, training and practicing of emergency evacuation procedures.
isomark bullet Full baseline audit of premises and systems on activation of contract as to determine where the site is on legal compliance with a full report on the way forward within one month of the start of the contract.
isomark bullet Safety induction on all employees and contractors.
isomark bullet Drafting of induction programs.
isomark bullet Drawing up of SHE policies if necessary
isomark bullet Managing all legal inspection registers
isomark bullet Waste management/control and co-ordination
isomark bullet Incident investigation and management.

ISOMARK will manage and monitor the functions with our Consultant to ensure all duties are being completed. Our Management team will also be in attendance at Certification Audits if necessary.


We will place one of our Facilitators on site to be based at your premises. His primary function will be to provide SHE training services to your site, on an ongoing basis.

Our placement will receive continuous back up from our Management team. Our Management team will also be in attendance during any Internal/External audit process to ensure training compliance. The placement will also avail himself to all the knowledge and resources available within the ISOMARK group.


A Training Matrix/Schedule will be drafted to ensure all areas and risk activities are adequately addressed. Services include:

isomark bullet Conduct all SHE related training as prescribed, including Lifting Equipment
isomark bulletBuild a database of training done and to be done.
isomark bullet Assist with co–ordination of training and conduct
isomark bullet Ensure all ISOMARK training material is available to be printed on site, for identified courses
isomark bullet Ensure all training is risk/site specific as possible. Adapt manuals accordingly
isomark bullet Ensure all records are maintained for SETA purposes
isomark bullet Ensure all relevant documentation is sent through to ISOMARK Offices for Certification
isomark bullet Assist site with SHE SOP, induction and non-certified training as required
isomark bullet Liaison with ISOMARK regarding new training material, if required
isomark bullet Collection of certificates from ISOMARK Offices and maintain copies/records on site